My Girnar Experiences

October 4, 2015

Girnar @ FullMoon – Poornima & on Monday


My fifth trip so far…thought to witness Akhand Dhuni cleaning & new woods ceremony, which happens every Monday morning. After reservation, came to know that I will be visiting on “Full Moon – Poornima”. Also there was Lunar Ecslipse as well, which was seen in Gujrat only.

Nothing unusal happended in the journey from Borivali to Junagadh by Saurashtra Mail on 26th Sep-15. There was one group with 8-10 people came from Pune for Girnar. There was another group from Pune – Manchar, about 40-45 people scattered in 2 boggies. Also came to know few people from Palghar Taluka who does darshan every poornima for years !!!.

On sitting in a shared auto, one person was sitting already who also came from Mumbai- Thane. Exchanged few notes, he said dormitory @ railway station was full, so I said he can come to City Star Dormitory. He also ended up in the same dormitory. Had early dinner today. Went to “Patel Dinner House”…took limited Thali…taste was average….can avoid in future.

Never slept….was almost awake all time….get up @ 1.30am…ready by 2.15am….the attendant told me I will not get any auto at this time. Waited in the chowk for 2 mins or so… there was no sign of any auto. After 2 mins, from nowhere one auto came (now such incident can increase our faith in GOD….isn’t it ?)….he asked Rs: 100/- I obliged as, need to reach Girnar by 6am for the program.

Started by 2.33am

3.16am reached Raja Bhartuhari & Gopichand Gupha

3.45am Jain Mandir

3.51am Goumukh

4.05am Ambaji Mata Temple

4.16am Gorakshanath Temple

4.20am Kamandalu Kund Gate

4.32 Reached Girnar

(Convincing Sub-2 in marathon terms :)…1:58:40)

Autowala was saying, I need to start by 4am, as nobody will start at this hrs. I ignored his advice…he re-iterated 2-3 times, I just ignored him. Started from base…reached Raja Bhartuhari & Gopichand Gupha @ 3.15am… members from Pune group, with whom I travelled from Mumbai…they started @ 6pm yesterday & they will miss Akhand Dhuni program…started again…reached @ Jain Temple @ 3.45am…reached @ Ambaji Mata Temple @ 4.05am…After starting from this, meet another 2 persons from Pune group, with whom I exchanged by seat. Then started again, reached Gorakshanath temple @ 4.15am…..started descending in torch light, rather accelerating…. Reached Kamandalu Kund @ 4.20am. People started telling that Girnar temple will close @ 4.45am for morning Aarti for 30 mins, so reach quickly.

Started from here with all my energy. The last route has step ascent…reached at the entrance of the gate, it was 4.32am…did my first sub-2…in 1:58:40…extremely happy to achieve this. There was queue and people were not listening to move on….I quickly had darshan & started descending. Because of full moon, temple was open full night, otherwise normal schedule is to close from 12pm to 5am…..reached Kamandalu kund @ 4.50am.

There was crowd @ Kamandalu kund…had darshan & waited for more than 2 hrs. The process of removing “angara” & then placing new woods in that place started @ 6.30 or os. It was like every one was wanting to see this (obliviously, as all came or stayed here for this !). Once woods are placed, all came out and within few seconds, the flame started automatically. Flames were almost 7-8 feet in height. Had good darshan & started descending by 7am.

Reached @ entrance @ 8.40am…so took 1.40 hrs to reach from Kamandalu kund to entrance.

Nice trip..

  • Able to witness Akhand Dhuni ceremony
  • It was Full Moon – Poornima
  • It was Lunar eclipse as well (remembered my recent visit to Kashi, where I was lucky to see eclipse & then Ganga Aarti)

Still Sheshavan & JataShankar Mahadev Temple missed this time as well…hopefully next time, as people said, there is no much road compared to this route. Also Sheshavan route is all in Jungle, it’s better to go with group ( I said in my mind, I never came in group here, so it’s ok).

Had tasty poha & Dhokla @ Kalwa chowk…had 2 cup of tea @ my famous place “Kailash tea stall” in chowk. Did freshen up….reached Rajkot by bus…gad good lunch @ Hotel Pakwan…and reach to Borivali by Saurashatra Mail. Though it was RAC, @ Ahmadabad, got full berth…so had good sleep as well.



  1. Mr. Prashant, Liked your Girnar Akhand Dhuni article. I have visited Girnar twice before but never had darshan of akhand dhuni on monday morning. Wanted to know Is it safe to climb in the night alone to reach dhuni by 5.00 am on monday?

    Comment by Sandeep Paranjape — March 7, 2017 @ 12:37 pm

    • Yes..i do think so….just make sure u have torch, as when i visited last, there were certain patches which were too dark due to non electricity….

      Comment by Prashant Ghotikar — March 7, 2017 @ 1:13 pm

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