My Girnar Experiences

November 9, 2017

Girnar – 11

Well…this time planned for Girnar Parikrama on last day….thought to reach on 4-Nov-17 and start parikrama by 4pm…and finish by 1-2am Sunday morning….but when I reached on Saturday 4-Nov-17…the scene at Bhavnath was….all vendors were wrapping on the street….had good darshan at Bhavnath temple…asked one of the people inside temple…they said today was last day and they will not allow me to start parikrama…again asked to one of the street vendor…he also said same thing that they will ask people inside forest to finish parikrama ASAP….so took auto and return to City Start Guest House…!


Started by 4.07 am…

reached Raja Gopichand & Bhartuhari Gufa @ ?

Jain Derasar @ 5.15

Ambaji Temple @ 5.34

Shri Gorakhnath Temple @ 5.45

Kamandalu Kund @ 5.54

Reached Shri Dattatraya Temple @ 6.04

Wow..this time in 1.57 hrs…never expected to be sub-2 when I started today.!!! weather was good…

My fourth visit of this year !…Shri Gurudev Datta !!

While returning…can see full moon (as full moon finish was on 4-Nov-17) at Ambaji from Gorakhnath Temple and at the same time can see sunrise from Ambaji




  1. I would like your help for girnar. I have heard there is this one place near Jain temple that allpws people to stay for the night at girnar, on the hill. If you can help me with the detials, I will be very grateful.

    Comment by NAYAN MEHTA — November 20, 2017 @ 8:13 am

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